What does my father think about me?

Mary posted a spread last month, I thought it’s interesting to have a try. Therefore I did a reading last night with it. Originally, the spread is used to explore one’s feelings about another in a romance. But the question I ask here is of my family relationship.


I used the Sliver Witchcraft Deck, my significator is queen of swords and the cards I drew were :
his feelings – knight of chalices (R),
his thoughts – the devil,
what beneath him – 3 of chalices,
what he likes – 5 of wands (R),
what he dislikes – knight of wands (R).



I was shocked when the devil turned over. It means that my father regards me as a mirror reflecting his dark side. Every time he sees me, he may feel fear and want to erase me from his sight.


His feelings, the reversal knight shows there is some kind of emotion overwhelming him. And the result is he lost his knowing of reality. On the other hand, the spread reveals a problem between us clearly. I’m queen of sword, who is rational and cold. I will lost patient and feel anxiety when people are unreasonable. On the contrary, he is emotional, and difficult to communicate logically.


However, he hasn’t found that he also hoped our family be happy and joy, which showed by 3 of cups. In fact, I didn’t aware it, too. So maybe I’m able to do something uncovering it? What he dislikes me is that I have no courage to extend my boundary. Actually, after graduated I have no job yet and he always wrath for this. Over recent years, I keep silence all the time when I face to him. Seemingly it’s what he likes that I tried not to arise dispute.



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